The Power Of Women’s Retreats

Happy Heather and Winslow

The Power of a Women’s retreat

Grow together – Analogy of the Tree!

Awesomeness of Girl Power!


Create Your Dream life through the Power of Play

Live with purpose

Clear and Committed Focus

Emotional Wisdom

Nourish Your Body & Soul

Feel Seen & Heard in a Community of Women

Unite and support each other to be accountable to living a new you

Create an inner voice that is uplifting – Shift the Inner Critic to The Inner Champion


Soul Sisters: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Energy


In a world of email bombardment, instant messaging, and lengthy zoom calls, it is easier than ever to stay connected to our work. The ease with which we can connect to our coworkers can make it feel like we have no excuse. But the truth is,  to be constantly available with our to-do lists growing can take a way a lot of your energy.

When connecting to work is this easy, it can be difficult to stay connected to ourselves and maintain our systems of self-care. Our energy gets drained just like the batteries that power our screens, and this impacts everything that we do from the office to the living room.

Energy is important to every facet of our lives — it influences who we are and what we can achieve every single day. Your energy is what you bring to the work you do, to the people you interact with, and to yourself and your goals for the future. Join two experienced couches, who also happen to be sisters –  Winslow Passey from Vibrant Health Evolution and Health Evans Catalyst of Awesomeness

Create Momentum with Soul  Sister Retreat

Soul Sisters Retreat is an invitation to join a community of powerful women to uplift yourself and create momentum to carry you toward your greatest potential. This is an opportunity to participate in a year-long journey of revitalization to be more intentional with your energy and focus on what you want to achieve within yourself.  

This is a space to regroup and regain control of the chaos so that you can move forward on your path with a sense of calm and the power that comes with owning your energy and your goals. With exercises that help you take inventory of the internal pressure points that might be weighing you down and support from your Soul Sisters as you discover new ways to elevate your life and fully engage with the opportunities life has in store for you.


This 12-month journey offers:

  • Quarterly live virtual retreats: 3 hours to experience life-changing discussions and activities in an intimate group setting
  • Monthly live virtual meetings: 90 minutes in community with other powerful women to focus on expanding your potential, developing healthy habits, and connecting to yourself and your needs
  • Powerful content that brings insight and higher awareness
  • Personalized support and resources to deepen your understanding of who you are and what you want
  • A safe space to grow and find community with supportive and powerful women


We invite you to this experience to find your internal balance, reclaim your time and your energy, and discover your highest self.  Register now!