7 Healthy Morning Habits to Wake up & Feel Great

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Better Energy Starts With Simple Habits


We invite you to explore new ways to start your day feeling vibrant and alive.  


You have the power to shape your body, mind, and soul in the direction that you want to go. You can make the decision to live your dreams each day, and it all starts with a focus on your energy. When you practice healthy habits in the morning, you invite a wealth of good things into your mind, body, and spirit.  Then you carry that good energy with you throughout the day. 


We invite you to take control of your days by incorporating these healthy habits into your morning routine and letting go of any habits that are not serving you. The best way to form a new habit is to start small, keeping the barriers low.  Make it easy for you to say yes to yourself!  Starting with one minute of one new habit is enough to change the tides if you are consistent and intentional. Once you get the routine in there, then you can expand it.  


1.  Awake and Chart Your Course for the Day (10 min Commitment) 


Your first thoughts of the day set the stage for what is possible and how you will show up. Remember the last time your alarm didn’t go off and you woke in a panic about missing a meeting? At that moment, your body reacted with a rush of stress hormones that remained with you throughout the rest of the day. How did the rest of that day feel?  


We can choose not to start our days with stress. Rather than waking up and reacting, you can choose to center your thoughts on what you want to manifest in the day to come. You can take that first moment of your day to reflect on your values, dreams, and intentions while you breathe deeply and stretch your body, welcoming in positivity rather than stress. 


Tip: A Good Morning Mantra can go a long way. Ask yourself the following questions to find the right mantra for your morning.


  • What simple statement keeps you moving forward throughout the day? For me, the statement is that I am whole. ‘I am’ on the inhale and ‘whole’ on the exhale. I do this 3 times. 


  • What statement illuminates your values? I say ‘I love you’  ten times, sending that love to every cell of my body.  


  • What are you grateful for? I say ‘I am so grateful’ three times.  ‘I am so’ on the inhale, and ‘grateful’ on the exhale. I focus on that feeling of gratitude within myself.  


  • What is your intention for the day? Focus on the energy you want to embody in the day to come and really try to feel it, whether it’s gratitude, playfulness, productivity, etc.   


  • What is your first movement to kick off your day?  I sit on the edge of my bed, take my arms out high and wide at a 45-degree angle, and say, “ I am open to greater amounts of joy, abundance, and well-being.” 


2. Lemon water to hydrate and cleanse. 


By simply drinking 1-2 glasses (16-32oz) of lemon water first thing in the morning, you will energize each one of your cells, help your liver flush out crap it has been collecting for you, and take in important vitamins, electrolytes, and minerals.  


Tip:  Make a liter of lemon water and place it beside your bed before going to sleep. This way, you can chug it right when you wake up! Start small and work your way up, easier is better when you’re forming a new habit!  


3. Pump Up Your Detox with Celery Juice.   


Celery juice is even more powerful than lemon water.  It does take a bit more effort, but it has powerful abilities. Celery juice kills viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens; heals the neurons in the brain, enlivens the liver, cleanses the blood, and has great nutritional benefits too.  Here is an article that explains the healing powers of celery juice.  


Tip: The celery juice is a powerful herbal medicine that should be taken separate from anything else.  Aim to drink your celery juice on an empty stomach, with no other intake for minimum 15 minutes before and after.  30 minutes is ideal.  


There are two ways to make the celery juice.  One is to use a juicer.  It takes about 1 bunch to make 16oz.  Taking out the scraggly pieces and the leafy parts make it sweeter and less bitter.  I buy just the celery sticks so it tastes better.  


The other way is with a blender.  Chop up the celery and add it to the blender.  Do not add water or anything else.  Blend and then use a mesh bag or towel to drain the liquid out.  


4.  Enjoy a smoothie


Smoothies are a superb way to give your body and mind tons of nutrients and healing power.  Here is Winslow’s Vibrant Breakfast Smoothie.  Avoid adding any dairy, nuts, or protein powders.  Go with fruit, greens, water, and/or juice to blend.  


Tip: If you want to supercharge your smoothie, add the power mix of spirulina, barley grass juice powder, Chaga mushroom, and dulse seaweed flakes! This is great to flush out toxins.


5. Meditate 


What we focus on expands. Starting your morning with a clear focus and clearing distractions is powerful. Whether you do 1 minute or 30 minutes, having a moment to breathe, connect, and reset can be powerful. Even just taking 3 deep breaths and relaxing is great. 


Tip: Find something you like and be consistent. Set your intention for the energy you want to carry forward during the next part of your day, like gratitude, presence, playfulness, listening, openness, deep connection, laughter, fun, productivity, efficiency, focus, calm, clarity, … the possibilities are endless! You can even do a walking meditation where you focus on your breathing, connecting with nature, and centering your own inner being. Find what brings you joy. I want to share this meditation with you that includes breathing and imagery. 


6. Plan your day


Take a few moments to jot down what you want to experience in your day. Include your responsibilities as well as something that brings you joy. Once you’re done, pick the 3 most important things and start there. Remember that the things that bring you joy are very important, too! 


Tip:  Visualize these things happening. See your success and believe in it! This makes the dream come true. 


7.  Move your Body & Express your Voice


There is no quicker way to set or shift your energy than with your body and your voice. Do you need a quiet stretch with a sweet whisper or a rock song with a strong cheer? Find a physical movement that you love.


Tip: Set yourself up for success by planning when and where you will get your movement practice in…Then go for it! You can plan for 1 minute and then keep going if you want to, starting small can do big things! If you add on one minute each week, by the end of the year you’ll be doing 52 minutes. I like to backcountry ski and do F45 (I go to a class, and love it). You do you! If you would like some guidance, you can join my online yoga class! We will find the movement that revitalizes your soul. Email me for details.  


When you come to the first step in a wellness journey, the most important thing is to keep moving forward. Pick one of these habits to be the starting point of your journey and start small. Commit to what is doable for you, even if it’s just one minute! The key is consistency, so reduce the barriers to success and, as Leo Babauta (a habit change leader) says, “Make it so easy that you can’t say no.” (here is his article


Above all, remember to be kind to yourself. Let go of the judgment and criticism that try to hold you back, and grant yourself a new path instead.


Let me know how it is going.  I would love to support you on your journey.  Email me at [email protected]