Registration for Soul Sisters - A Year Together

The Soul Sister Retreat is an investment in you, your dreams, your health and wellbeing. There are many ways to participate.

Engage with understanding the energy of the season in our Seasonal Energy Retreats. Join us for only the 3-hour Seasonal Energy Retreats 4 times over the course of a year in correlation with the seasons. 

Seasonal Awakening

Tapping into the power of the season will help you to harness your best energy and intentions. can keep you on tract to manifesting yours dreams . these special 3-hour retreats are offered 4 times a year at the beginning of each new season.

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening-March 21st

In the season of hope, the sun shines and we visualize a brighter future.We will focus on generating aboundance and manifesting our dreams.

The seeds sown in spring come to fruition in the summer.We will focus on avoiding burnout, checking in with ourselves and nourishing our minds, bodies, and spirits.

Summer Celebration
Harvest Abundance

Harvest Abundance - September 19th

Just like the trees, we take this time to slow down and let our true colors come through.We celebrate the journey and take inventory within ourselves choosing which new seeds we want to slow for ourselves.

Jnner Wisdom - December 19th

Shorten days and longer nights offer a chance to rest and reflect within ourselves. We will focus on connecting with our inner being and cultivating the wisdom and intuition of our inner voices.

Yoga Coaching

Choose to make this YOUR year. Join us every month for the Yearly Retreat. This INCLUDES the Seasonal Energy Retreats and 90-minutes sessions each month in between.

A year togrther: All that and more!

Don’t want to wait 3 months between each Seasonal Energy Retreat to reconnect? The year-long journey includes these 90-minute retreats during each month that we do not meet for seasonal retreats.

Plant Tree

New Beginnings

Get clear about what you want and how to get it.

Butterfly Top View

Vibrant You

Discover how good you can feel when you choose healthy habits.

Plant a Tree


Find new ways to bring your best self to every experience.

Diet Icon

Healthy You

Take the next step with your healthy habits so you can feel your best.

High Five Icon


Allow yourself to flourish as you focus on the power of your thoughts.


Step into the boldness of believing in yourself.

Apple Icon

Perfect Health

Transform your challenges into stepping stones to where you want to be.

Moon Icon

Your Dreams

Visualize your ideals and mainifest them in your life.

Participation and Payment Options

Mark you Calendar for our Seasonal Energy Retreats:

(All scheduled for 3 hours,  9AM - 12 Noon Eastern)

Spring Awakening on March 21st 

Summer Celebration on June 13th

Harvest Abundance on September 19th

Inner Wisdom on December 19th 

For our Year Together Retreat package, there is a 90 minute retreat each month in between Seasonal sessions. Which of the available schedules best suits you?
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