Own Your Energy: Your Energy is Everything!

Align Energy with Nature

Whatever you give your energy to will grow!

“I don’t have enough time” is a lie our anxiety tells us. Especially, when we’re  rushing from one thing to the next or anytime we feel overwhelmed and defeated. The truth is this: time is infinite. It was here long before us and it will be here long after we are gone. It is fair to say that we cannot change time. We can learn to get the most out of every minute. Listening to natural energy cycles, along with creating healthy habits, we can get the most out of every minute! 

Own your Energy + Time + Vibrant Life

We can own our time and achieve the vibrant lives that we want for ourselves. Our bodies are more in-tune with time than we realize. You have probably heard of the Circadian Clock, which explains how our minds and bodies function in relation to natural cycles of day and night, or the ‘biological clock’ which links the flow of hormones in our bodies with time intervals. These concepts are not new!  Human beings have been exploring them for centuries.

Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, offers us ancient wisdom regarding the ways that our energy is in tune with nature. The Ayurvedic Clock shows how our energy levels fluctuate according to elements present at different times of day. Understanding how these elements can boost our different energy centers gives us insight into the optimal timing for our daily activities. It’s like super-charging your routine! 

When we go against the natural cycles of nature we get out of balance and our health deteriorates– it’s like swimming against the current, you work harder to make less progress. If we align ourselves with the natural rhythms that want to guide our bodies to be their best, we can achieve mind-body balance, maximum energy, and overall wellness. Rather than wearing ourselves out by fighting to swim upstream, we can float comfortably along the river, letting it propel us toward our destination when the current speeds up and enjoying the scenery when it slows back down. 

Your Energy is Everything: 10 Tips to Align With Nature

1. Go to sleep by 10 pm

  • Ayurveda medicine teaches that there is no such thing as ‘night owls’, only people out of sync. The darkness of nighttime offers us a space of healing and rest– our bodies are meant to sleep when this offering is made, so it takes a toll on your body when you stay up late. You will find yourself far more energetic and productive with an earlier bedtime! 

2. Eat dinner by 6 pm

  • This gives your body a chance to fully digest before bed so that it can focus on other things like healing, recovering from the day, flushing toxins, and making sure you wake up ready to take on the day. You will sleep more deeply and avoid unused fuel being stored as pesky pounds. If you feel hungry before bed, choose fruit, as it digests quickly, and pair it with a warm cup of tea and honey. 

3. Get sunshine daily

  • Make sure you get 30 minutes of sun a day. This helps your body produce melatonin better at night so you can get better sleep, increases the vitamins available to your cells so they can be their best, and helps you feel energized! Exposure to sunlight prompts your body to release serotonin, and not getting enough sunlight can increase symptoms of depression and anxiety.

4. Dim your lights at night.

  • Darkness is what triggers the body to release melatonin, so shift to ambient lighting at night. It is also helpful to have a cut off time for screens/blue light so your body can get the signal to wind down and find deep sleep.  

5.Exercise in the morning

  • If you exercise in the 6-10 am period of the morning it will boost your energy for the whole day as well as your metabolism. Starting your day off by breaking a sweat sets the tone for a day of accomplishment.

6. Choose non-fat and nutrient rich in the morning

  • Enjoy lemon water, perhaps celery  juice, and a smoothie in the morning. This gives your liver a break from dealing with the fat and loads your body up with vital nutrients to power through your day! Glucose is the main fuel for your liver, muscles, and brain, so the wild blueberries in your smoothie will uplift your vitality.  

7. Eat your biggest meal when the sun is highest in the sky

  • The middle of the day is when your digestive system packs its greatest punch. Potatoes and veggie curry topped with sprouts is my all time favorite lunch for health and healing. 

8. Meditate in the morning

  • The 90 minute window before sunrise is a powerful time to connect and gain clarity for the day ahead. Take some time to breathe and sit still. See what arises for you. 

9. Tackle your most challenging projects from 10 am – 2 pm

  • When your fire energy is high like the sun. This is the best time to get productive and tear through that to-do list!

10. Create, Communicate, and Brainstorm from 2 pm – 6 pm

  • This is the Vata (air/ether) time of day when your energy is expanding, which makes it an excellent time for spiritual connection and manifesting your purpose. Take advantage of this time to access your dreams and bring them to life!