The Fall Soul Sister Retreat

The Soul Sister Retreat is a gathering of women to celebrate each other, rewrite old stories, let go, recharge, and cultivate your best energy.

Unwind In The Blue Ridge Mountains Of North Carolina

We will guide you in discovering how to harness your best energy. We use the practices of Yoga and Meditation daily to get calm, clear, open and centered. We will enjoy healthy nutritious life giving foods that deeply nourish you, leaving you with new ideas on what to eat. We will hike and play in the Blue Ridge mountains with the fall colors. You will experience having guided themes designed to allow for deep transformation to unfold within you.

Most importantly, you will unite with a loving, supportive group of women who will uplift you. We will look for the best in each other, explore our dreams, and connect to our own inner wisdom.

What you get is a complete recharge, heightened awareness, and access to your inner wisdom so that you can be the powerful person you are capable of being.

We believe you are a whole, creative, and resourceful person full of dreams, desires, and potential. This is a place to uncover for yourself who you are, and who you want to be.

Furthermore, we will laugh a lot as laughter is healing and good for the soul. Give yourself the gift of taking care of you. You are important. Breathing is important. What you have to offer the world is important. And connecting with other women is uplifting and so valuable.

We have your back! Cultivate your Best Energy. Come play with us.

We Take You On An Inward Journey. ​

The Fall Soul Sister Retreat

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You can plan is around $2500 per person depending on which room that you choose. The range is from $2300 for a shared King bed to $3500 if you want a private master bedroom with a king bed. $2500 for a twin bed in a shared room. See the registration form for all the options. 

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October 19-22 in Blowing Rock, NC.

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Solo room with King bed

$3500 pp

$3,150 pp

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Solo room with Queen bed

$3200 pp

$2,880 pp

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Shared Room with Two Twin Beds

$2500 pp

$2,295 pp

Pink Label Landscape Rectangle Sticker
Shared room and bed king

$2300 pp

$2,070 pp

Pink Label Landscape Rectangle Sticker
Shared room and bed queen

$2200 pp

$1,980 pp

You may be wondering...

  • Lodging – So you can unwind, feel safe, and totally relax.
  • Food – We eat delicious nutritious meals so you leave feeling clean, energetic, and excited to eat well each day and give your body the best. We will have lots of options for a variety of eating preferences from meat eaters to vegans.
  • Yoga – We practice cultivating grace, deep breathing, and a powerful mindset so that you become your own best support
  • Meditation – to sit is to know. We will guide you to shifting your energy so that it is in alignment with your deepest desires.
  • This is a chance to connect to your own inner wisdom
  • Hikes so you can experience the healing power of nature, connect to your best ideas, and feel the beating of your heart.
  • We will have options for mellow and harder hikes to suit your desires.
  • Workshops designed to recharge you and inspire you to know yourself more fully so you can remove anything that is holding you back from being your best self.
  • Artist opportunities like painting, drawing, or collages to stimulate learning and creativity
  • Coaching from your two leaders Heather and Winslow so that you get deep support and breakthroughs to propel you in the direction you want to go.
  • Travel to and from the location
  • Trip insurance

If we don’t take action to know where we are, where we want to gland what is standing in our way, then we will keep repeating the same experiences in life.  


In addition, if you are not at your best Energy, then you can not be your best self.  You are not able to support those around you in the way you most want to.  You may totally ignore your deep desires and settle for something less.  


This is an opportunity to recharge and check in with yourself.  Take the time here to reflect on your life, listen, and feel for what is calling you from within.  

Your Energy is Everything

Energy allows to you access your Dreams
Awareness allows you to access your Wisdom
Presence allows you to breath, soften, and know
Authenticity honors the truth of your own spirit
Connection with women uplifts and inspires you
Intuition guides your path