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Meet The Sisters

Heather and Winslow are sisters, mothers and successful business women. However, in 2016 they were faced one big question…

How Do I Balance Careers With Family Life?​

Happy Heather and Winslow

Heather Evans

Heather was a leader with a global 100 pharmaceutical company balancing the challenges of travel and family life.  While she was in a top 100 corporate business position, moving to the top, she found herself traveling all the time and away from her family.  

The retreat absolutely exceeded my expectations! I am SO grateful I did this!
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Winslow Passey

Winslow was a world renowned mountain guide leaving extreme athletes in uncharted adventures all over the world. The rigors of mountain guiding, rock climbing and extreme skiing were taking a toll on her body.  She wanted to help people live extraordinary lives on and off of the mountain.  After her and her husband, Todd, conceived in Antarctica, she climbed Mt. Vinson twice, and led a ski trip to the South Pole.  Upon returning home, she asked herself, how can I serve people and be at home more with my son?

From the sisters

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