Relax as You Expand

Into Greater Joy, Love, Abundance, and Creativity

Soul Sister Retreat

Hosted By
Heather Evans & Winslow Passey

July 20-22, 2018

Alta, Utah


* Next Soul Sister Retreat – Highlands, North Carolina
Oct. 12-14th, 2018  – DETAILS COMING SOON!

Join us for a powerful retreat that inspires women to tap into their innate wisdom, define their higher purpose, and explore their deeper sense of self.

Come relax at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, in the beautiful Albion Basin. Located just 55 minutes East of the Salt Lake International Airport. The wildflowers in July are spectacular.

It is full of soulful connections and compassionate explorations. We will uplift, rejuvenate, and inspire women to manifest freedom with their mind, body, and spirit.

If you are ready to expand fully into your highest potential then come join us on this retreat!  Now is the time to allow greater amounts of joy, love, abundance, and creativity into your life.

This journey is a catalyst for you to recognize your own beauty and to learn how to create your reality exactly as you want it.  You are absolutely unlimited.  Let us show you how to tap into yourself as a powerful creator.

Hosted by Winslow Passey and Heather Evans. These two soul sisters (and real sisters) are joining forces to create a dynamic women’s experience.

During this 3-day retreat, you will:

  • Enjoy hiking and yoga
  • Participate in powerful sessions to create the life that you want to be living
  • Tap into your own wisdom and creativity
  • Explore your personal space of brilliance and how you bring your highest gifts to life
  • Savor delicious meals prepared by Chef Brent Shaver and leave with his secret recipes
  • Connect with other amazing soul sisters on this journey
  • Learn healthy habits that give you more energy and help you feel great
  • Rejuvenate with guided meditations, yoga, and massage
  • Leave with a sense of peace and clarity and a more brilliant way to live life

In addition, you will receive 6-months of team coaching from the Soul Sister’s to support your journey.  We will stay connected and inspired with group calls once a month.  The Soul Sister’s are committed to your evolution!

Come Join Us For This 3-Day Retreat

This retreat inspires women to tap into their innate wisdom, define their higher purpose and explore their deeper sense of self. It is full of soulful connections and compassionate explorations.

We will uplift, rejuvenate and inspire Women to manifest freedom in their mind, body, and spirit.

Meet Your Guides

Heather Evans is a powerful change agent who serves and guides leaders to their highest potential.  She brings out the best in others.  Heather inspires people to tap into their deeper wisdom and happiness.

Most relevantly, she coaches others to ignite their leadership teams and become a Catalyst of Awesomeness.

When you are in Heather’s presence you will feel uplifted and energized!

Winslow Passey is a world renowned mountain guide, who is dedicating her life to coaching others to higher health both physically, mentally and spiritually.

Winslow is a Certified Yoga Health Coach teaching the habits of Ayurveda.

Winslow inspires others to define and create the life that they want to live.


Pending Location:

Blackjack Ridge Home 1 – Alta, Utah

Blackjack Ridge is a stunning home with plenty of personality! It is nestled at the base of Blackjack Ridge, between Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort and Alta Ski Area.

Offering 5500 sq ft of custom built living and loaded with special features including: Private Outdoor Hot Tub, Heated Driveway with Two Care Garage, Elevator, Wrap Around Deck and more!

Six Bedrooms, sleeping up to 18 people.



Thursday – Day 1 theme – My deepest desires revealed.
We will meet at the home at 11am. After, introductions and a vitalizing lunch we will hike to Cecret lake below Devil’s castle where we will do a journaling activity and possibly yoga.

– Art Expression
– Dinner
– Hot tub and Yin Yoga

Saturday – Day 2 theme – Listening to your heart, Big Heart Space.

– Yoga, workout, meditation
– Breakfast
– Hike Sunset Peak
– Journal and partner exercise in nature
– Lunch
– Art expression
– Dinner
– Social time
– Yoga Nidra

Sunday – Day 3 theme – Beyond the boundaries of the Mind.

– Yoga, workout, meditation
– Breakfast
– Hike picked by the group – Mt Baldy from the tram
– Lunch
– Heart circle
– Dance party
– Finish by 4pm


Day 1:  “Our deepest desire”

Our desires are our guiding force leading us in the exact direction that our inner being wants to go.  By understanding our deepest desires, we open the door to our destiny.  In this weekend we will expand our understanding of ourselves and our deepest desires so that a world of possibility opens up before us.

From here we can gracefully flow into our purpose and destiny.  Our deepest desires are our hearts yearning for expression and our guide to the actions that are calling us into our higher purpose on this planet.  Life is always asking us to participate.  Can we listen more fully and take action setting aside fear, hesitation, and doubt?  Recognizing and acting on our soul’s deepest desires is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our families, and the world.  In this day, we will go within listening with an open heart to discover our deepest truth.  Every stage of life is an opportunity to discover anew who we are and what we want.

Day 2:  Listening to your heart, Big Heart Space

Today, we invite abundance, joy, and clarity into our lives by tapping into our heart’s desires. This awareness allows us to set the coordinates in our GPS and discover a new roadmap towards living our destinies from a place of LOVE. Cultivating a Big Heart Space is about learning tools to shift out of a stress response, and choosing to stay in a place of openness and peace.  The attention to our heart and what it is that we want allows us to be intentional with our time and energy so that we stay on the path to achieving our goals. From this space of awareness and clarity, we can let go of fear, hesitation, and doubt and opt for listening to our inner being instead.  This day, we encourage you to let your heart and soul speak to you unfolding your inner truths. Your heart knows the answers.

Day 3:  Beyond the Boundaries of the Mind

Today we raise awareness of our self-talk and our stories.   We are unlimited.  The only limits are the ones we place on ourselves in our minds.  Here we move beyond these stories to truly step into the field of possibilities that are always calling to us.  We will share with you how to understand your subconscious mind and it’s programming.  You will write a new program for yourself and get the exact tools you need to implement new stories and step into your most powerful potential.  No longer do you need to have an old program that limits you in life!  You are strong!  You are powerful! Together we step into this space!


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